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Ansel Adams: Fiat Lux from the University of California, Irvine, bookstore, with a handy Ansel Adams Chronology.

Assignment: Times Square The May 18th, 1997, issue of The New York Times Magazine had a special photography section covering Times Square.


Adams Gallery The officcial Adams Gallery in Yosemite!

ABC Media|Net

Altavista image search

Art Today




Born to be ForgottenSmiley Poole's photographs on Romania's abused and neglected children on the Houston Chronicle's interactive site.


Behind the Viewfinder - A Year in the Life of Photojournalism Well-designed site from a group of photojournalists who have put together a web journal of thoughts, feelings and reactions to their work to share the events that make up their daily reporting.



California Museum of Photography UCR / California Museum of Photography is an off-campus department of the University of California, Riverside.The museum promotes understanding of photography and related media through collection, research, exhibition, and instruction.


Children of the Underground and The Tornado Chasers Allan Detrich's runner-up essay for the Pulitzer Prize showing on MSNBC with audio, and his latest adventures chasing tornado's on the Pittsburg Post-Gazzette site.


Children of Cambodia's Killing Fields On MSNBC. By Dith Pran of the New York Times; stories of 29 people who were children during the Khmer Rouge reign of terror.


CLiCK Monthly e-zine from the Blackstar picture agency, started out hot, but has got a bit stale with last entry in 1997.


Corel Photo Studio



Dying to Tell a Story "A picture is worth a thousand words, but is it worth one life?" A site for a documentay on photojournalism was shown on TBS Sunday Sept. 13. Kind of a funky horizontal layout, but includes a photojournalism timeline from the U.S. Civil War to Somalia.


Dawn to Dusk in Nelsonville, OH Made by the students and faculty of Ohio University, all of the images were taken between 5:12 a.m. and 9:46 p.m. on Saturday May 10th.


The Digital Journalist Put together by TIME magazine veteran photographer Dirck Halstead with some important current events and thoughts for the photojournalist in this age of new Media.


DoubleTake Magazine A socially minded documentary photography magazine, published by the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.





Focal Point f/8 An experimental design and production group for new digital and democratic journalism on the WWW.


GEO Explorer The on-line version of GEO with some very cool VRML of the universe. In German only, but the VRML site became so popular that they put that page up in English.




In memoriam For photographers killed in Indochina, from the pages of Time/LIFE.


Image makers: Magnum photographers define the craft From the U.S. News & World Report web site.


International Center of Photography The International Center of Photography is a museum, a school and a center for photographers and photography. ICP's mission is to present photography's vital and central place in contemporary culture, and to lead in interpretation issues central to its development.

i. Images An on-line picture magazine published by Alaya Photos, a picture agency based in Singapore, with essays from featured photographers and associates.

InterFoto '98 Moscow The Moscow International Festival for Professional Photographers June 11-12, 1998.






KlnMesse: Photokina 1998 Photokina '98 was held Sept. 16-21.



LIFE photo essays | Paris Match LIFE's full-text photo essays, plus cover photos going back to the 1930's.



MSNBC picture stories Standing page with a listing of their photograpic essays.


Mercenary Photos New site by group of photographers who shoot in hot zones.


MSNBC's Week in Pictures Images of the week put up by MSNBC.


Mother Jones-Leica Documentary Photography Exhibition and the Mother Jones International Fund for Documentary Photography & Leica Medal of Excellence The fund awards a minimum of four grants of at least $US 7,000 each in support of the best in-depth documentary photography projects. All entrants are eligible to receive the Leica Medal of Excellence which carries a $US 10,000 prize.


Magnum: Fifty years of Magnum by Russell Miller The Richmond Review celebrates fifty years of the legendary photo agency Magnum.


The Nubian Foundation Mike Nelson, a photographer for the Agence France Presse in Los Angeles, has launched a website for the non-profit Nubian Foundation that he and his wife founded. It is an organization to help preserve the cultural heritage of Nubia and the Nubians. It is mostly pictures Nelson has taken over the years of Nubia and some text. This website is being developed in cooperation with the Nubian Foundation which is a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles. It is dedicated to preserving Nubian heritage, culture and history.

New York Times Gallery in the round with IPIX pictures.


National Press Photographers Association Home page plus the Flying Short Course on-line. Also, Region 1, Region 2, Region 4, Region 7, Region 8, Region 9 and R-10 Women are on-line. CASCADES and METRO NPPA chapter's are also on-line.
Newsgroups related to photography A collection of various newsgroups with discussion on photography, includes alt.journalism.photo and NPPA's news group.

Newsmakers Online Photo Agency - The only agency of its kind: owned and operated by experienced photojournalists, born in the internet age, dedicated to delivering timely, high-quality, affordable photography each day of the year.


N Y C 24 24 hours, 24 reporters and photographers from midnight to midnight, New York City on April 18, 1997, produced by the New Media Workshop at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Site has some nice Java buttons.


National Geographic National Geographic came on-line at "www.nationalgeographic.com" on June 20th, 1996.



One Digital Day How the Microchip is Changing our World. Put together by the people at OneDigitalDay.com who also happen to be the Day in the Life of folks, with help from Intel.



The Pulitzer Prizes


Pictures of the Year and College Photographer of the Year POY winning images up on the POY site.


PHOTO>Electronic Imaging A wonderful site hosted by the Professional Photographers of America, Inc. It includes tutorials and articles online for the digital photographer. One of the first and best digital/web concerned magazine on the news racks.


Poynter Visual Journalism The Poynter Institute's Visual Journalism program.


Photo District News PDN - The Web Edition, with contents, events and calendar.


PICS - Photojournalism in Cyberspace The PICS project will link photojournalism students from throughout the world in a semester-long shooting, editing, writing and design project. Hosted by The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, School of Journalism.


Plebe Summer: Accepting the Challenge Photographer Pete Souza chronicled one of the companies of an incoming class at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. The photographs here were made during more than 30 visits to the Academy.


PhotoServe PhotoServe is a self promotional vehicle for the professional photo industry built around a publishing motif: an electronic magazine.




Rangefinder Rangefinder magazine on the net.



Starvation in Sudan: To look, or to turn away Atlanta Journal-Constitution staff photographer Rich Addicks spent some time in Sudan where people are dying from starvation from the Civil war going on in the country.


Stolen equipment registry A place to search or post stolen camera gear.


Shutterbug magazine on the net.


Teen Sexuality in a Culture of Confusion This work is the result of a four-year documentary study of teenagers by photojournalist Dan Habib. The documentary profiles eight young people of diverse race, ethnicity, socio-economic level, geographic locale, and sexual orientation. With power and passion, they share their personal experiences and outlooks on a wide range of issues, including peer pressure, family, homosexuality, religion and their decisions about how and when to act on their own sexuality. Two of the eight talk about living with AIDS.






Washington Post photo galleries Put up by Tom Kennedy, formerly of National Geographic and now with the e-Post.






ZUMA Press The only full service Editorial Assignment & Stock Photo Agency in Southern California (actually the only player West of the Hudson).