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If you would like to add your your web site to our list please email our online editor Jeff Gritchen
Jeff Gritchen, photographer at the Long Beach Press-Telegram, Photo Night Web Editor, and NPPA Region 10 Associate Director.
email: jeff@jeffgritchen.com
web address: www.jeffgritchen.com
Gerard Burkhart, is freelancing for a variety of publications including the New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer and Agence France Presse. He worked at the Los Angeles Times for 6 1/2 years where his photos were included in three collaborative effort Pulitzer Prize winning editions.  Previously, he was a staff photographer at the Los Angeles Daily News.
email: gbpix@earthlink.net
web address: www.gbpix.net
Ron Brazil, senior photographer for Wahine magazine, a staff photographer for Australia's Pacific Long boarder, a regular contributer for Surfer magazine and a stringer for entrepreneur magazine.
email: watercam@home.com
web address: www.brazilphotography.com
Greg Fry, staff photographer covering North Orange County for community coverage in LA Times
email: gfry@pacbell.net
web address: home.pacbell.net/gfry
Thomas Gapen, LA Times Community News regional photo editor.
web address:home.earthlink.net/~tgapen
Eugene Garcia, photographer at Orange County Register - Website includes 2nd Place NPPA Photographer of the Year 2000 portfolio.
email: egphoto@earthlink.net
web address: www.egphotos.com
Fred Greaves, Southern California photojournalist.
email: imageofsd@earthlink.net
web address: www.fredgreaves.com
Mark Harmel
email: mark@harmelphoto.com
web address: www.harmelphoto.com
Matt Hevezi
U.S. Marine Corps combat correspondent, Camp Pendleton, Calif.
email: HeavyZ@aol.com
web address: www.digitalrailroad.net/hevezimj
Fred LeBlanc
email: leblanc@thephotojournal.com
web address: www.thephotojournal.com
Rick Loomis, staff photographer at Los Angeles Times
email: loomisr@aol.com
web address: www.loomisphotography.com
Brad Mangin, freelance sports photographer based in San Francisco Bay Area. Regularly shoots for Sports Illustrated, NBA Photos and Major League Baseball Photos.
email: brad@manginphotography.com
web address: www.manginphotography.com
David Paul Morris, freelance photographer based in San Francisco available for assignments.
email: dpm@davidpaulmorris.com
web address: www.davidpaulmorris.com
Jonathan Nourok, available on a project basis. He also has an extensive library of in-house stock images.
email: jonathan@nourokphoto.com
web address: www.nourokphoto.com
Donal Philby
email: donalphilby@earthlink.net
web address: www.donalphilby.com/
Al Schaben is a staff photographer at the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Edition
email: al_schaben@qmailgw.news.latimes.com
web address: home.earthlink.net/~alschaben/
Greg Schneider
email: GregSchneider@photographer.net
web address: home1.gte.net/rach/n/
Ken Steinhardt, photojournalist. Also owns Union Times, a wedding and events photography company.
email: info@uniontimes.com
web address: www.uniontimes.com/
John Thawley, freelance automotive photographer based in Orange County, Calif. He shoots for many of the nation’s leading automotive enthusiast magazines.
email: thawley@earthlink.net
web address: www.thawleyphoto.com
Craig Williams, San Francisco Bay Area freelance photographer specializing in entertainment, primarily concerts.
email: craig@crphotography.com
web address: www.crphotography.com
Donald R. Winslow, Director of Photography at CNET: The Computer Network in San Francisco.
email: dwinslow@mediacity.com
web address: www.mediacity.com/~dwinslow
Chris Urso, staff photographer for the Our Times section of The Los Angeles Times, covering the Inland Valley.
email: mailto:cnyurso@earthlink.net
web address: home.earthlink.net/~cnyurso
Mark Yamamoto, commercial photographer and lab technician at San Jose Mercury News.
email: mark@myphotography.com
web address: www.myphotography.com/
Dave Yoder, photographer
email: leica@home.com
web address: www.daveyoder.com/
Steve Zylius, staff photographer at The Orange County Register, community edition, covering Tustin, Irvine, Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, Calif.
email: szylius@earthlink.net
web address: home.earthlink.net/~szylius